Press Release: announcing Objective, Inc.

October 18, 2023
Pablo Mendes

Objective, Inc. Emerges from Stealth to Pioneer AI-Native Search for Website & App Developers

Founded by former Apple machine learning leaders, Objective, Inc. has raised $13 million in venture funding, led by Matrix 

Launch partners include tech news leader The Information and designer social network Dribbble

SAN FRANCISCO, October 18, 2023 – Objective, Inc., makers of the world's first outcome-driven search platform, Objective Search, has emerged from stealth and revealed it’s already delivering results for well-known customers, including The Information and Dribbble. The company has raised $13 million with an aim to power the search box on every website and app — from news and ecommerce sites to SaaS and social media platforms — led by Matrix with participation by Two Sigma Ventures and others.

“Customers are rapidly learning to expect that search understands them the same way ChatGPT does. We developed Objective Search so developers can keep up,” says Pablo Mendes, Co-Founder and CEO. “This is what the 1% of the most sophisticated technology companies are working on today, and now it’s available to every website and user experience on the internet.”

Built by machine learning experts from Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, and Twilio, Objective Search is the first product that brings the transformational power of AI for search to developers as an API platform. In addition to replacing the complex and fragile nature of legacy lexical systems, it offers more natural queries and results, independent of modality, and enables the system to optimize over time to meet business goals.

Launch partners are already benefiting from the capabilities of Objective Search for their users and customers: 

World-class multi-modal search in just a few lines of code

AI search systems require integration of dozens of components: thousands of models to choose from, which must be integrated to encode, index and retrieve content. Objective Search delivers true multimodal search: the same API for searching text, images and rich composite objects, working together out of the box.

Owing to this simplicity, startup Pod Foods uses Objective Search to deliver the Amazon-quality search results for their grocery supply-chain marketplace, with just a sliver of the resources available to big tech companies: 

“It just works. We didn’t have to worry about infrastructure, performance, or all the ways people want to search”
-  Timothy Wee, CTO, Pod Foods.

Delight users in the era of ChatGPT
For the first time since Google, the way consumers look for answers online is changing. 

For example, The Information – by many measures the largest technology-focussed subscription news platform – now encourages its readers to search using complete, meaningful sentences, powered by Objective Search, with the goal of driving deeper reader engagement with their long-form editorial content:

“There are multiple approaches - we’ve tried them all, including rolling our own and using GPT4. Objective Search is a hassle-free option you can trust.”
- Sam Lessin, The Information 

Let machines do the hard work of data preparation
Consistently categorizing and tagging content for a large-scale website is time-consuming and unreliable, especially if content is contributed by third-parties. 

Millions of graphic designers use Dribbble to share and discover digital artwork. By combining image search with an ability to understand sparse and inconsistent metadata, Objective Search quickly out-performed Dribbble’s in-house system:

“You can only do so much with manual tagging and scrubbing of results. Implementing semantic search in-house was taking very long. We saw a demo of Objective Search and it was night and day! This partnership will significantly accelerate our data science roadmap.”
- Zack Onisko, CEO, Dribbble

Objective is leading outcome-oriented search
For developers who care about business outcomes over convoluted pipelines and customer delight over endless tinkering, Objective Search obviates the need to keep up with the latest trends and easily enables world-class results for your customers. 

Frances Schwiep, Partner, Two Sigma Ventures explains, “The prompt-answer format for search is a melting iceberg, and the dominant keywords-driven business model is likely to lose its lead. The next generation, like Objective Search, will combine the best of multimodal UI and data – layering text, image, voice, video, and more.” 

Patrick Malatack, Partner, Matrix, commented,

“Here’s a team who’ve built search for iOS, YouTube – some of the most loved products in history – and every developer in the world can leverage their experience with just a few lines of code. Sign me up!”

Objective Search is available today. Schedule a demo.

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