Automatically Generate Search Queries Tailored to Your Data. Query Generation Moves into Private Beta!

June 27, 2024
Team Objective

It’s a pretty exciting week for us here at Objective HQ. We’ve been working on a set of developer tools inside the Objective Console & API that we’re really stoked to start sharing with you all over the next few weeks.

We’re kicking things off this week off with Automated Query Generation shipping into Private Beta! If there was ever a week to get in on the Private Beta, it’s this week — get your name on the waitlist! We’re still adding folks as fast as we can.

You Can’t Spell Quality without Queries

We are constantly working to lower the barrier between you and offering higher quality search for your users. One of the features we offer to do this is Finetuning. This is a powerful functionality that helps you offer custom-tailored search for your website or app but requires spending hours pulling a representative set of queries from the logs and labeling associated results. With the launch of Query Generation, you can get a list of 100 diverse queries within minutes with the push of a button. Unlike asking some LLM, these queries are tailored to your data in your Object Store so they should yield relevant results. We’ll also create fully labeled feedback data with which to finetune your index but more on that later ;-).

Push Button, Get Queries.

We’ve made the process as straightforward as possible. Just jump into your Console, head to Relevance > Queries, and click the Generate tab. This will bring up a simple workflow:

All you need to do is push the Start query generation button, and hold tight for a few minutes while the platform AI boots up and creates a new batch of common (and uncommon!) search queries based on the Objects in your Object Store.

The platform will return a set of 100 queries that you can review, and remove any that don’t feel representative of the kinds of queries your users might search. When you’re ready, you can add them to your Query Store.

Finetuning Gets Even Finer

Being able to iterate and experiment with your search always starts with queries. Being able to generate new queries quickly lets you experiment with different ways to finetune, and perspectives on search you might not have considered. So jump in!

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