Vector Search

What is Vector Search?

Vector search is a kind of search that creates a ‘vector’ representation of each object in a collection, that can be compared to the other objects in the collection on any number of ‘dimensions’ a vector can contain. Each vector can contain a few dimensions, or thousands!

Most often, a vector database is used to store these vectors in a way that makes it fast to organize & retrieve the vectors that are most relevant to a query.

Should I built vector search myself?

You can — but building functional vector search yourself can be complex, with various different components needed that have to be integrated. Harder still, though, is optimizing all of those component parts into an end-to-end solution that is seamless and fast.

For most web developers, building, managing, and maintaining that kind of infrastructure just to get the AI search capabilities is the last thing you want to have to spend your time on. Objective Search handles all of that for you in an elegant, RESTful API that lets you focus on building great, intuitive search experiences.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

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