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Why Objective?

Benefits from AI powered search

Never manage synonyms again

Language is flexible, and so should be your search system. When users change the way they look for things, always show them the right results.


Keywords don’t understand customer intent

Keyword search fails to understand the nuance in language, particularly when customers get specific. AI search understands users and connects them with their goal.


Stop tagging & categorizing

AI understands categories and image contents, so you never have to manually tag again. Even if the keywords don’t exist in the data, we’ll automatically find great results.


No more “no results”

Keyword matching either runs out of matches, or never matches in the first place. Use AI to understand when results are relevant even when there aren’t any keyword matches.


Ask questions, get answers

Directly answer natural language questions when your users ask them.


Stop showing irrelevant results

Understand your users’ intent, and show them what they’re looking for. Keyword matching matches poor results, and doesn’t understand the nuance of language. Get high intent users relevant results with AI that understands their language.