Getting started with Objective Search requires the following steps:


Add data

Add data to the Object Store

Create Index

Build an Index using the data

Search Index

Querying the Index to get results


For this quickstart we’ll be using the python SDK. First, get an API key and install the SDK.

To get an API key, join the waitlist.

pip install objective-sdk

Adding data

Push Objects to the Object Store using the CRUD APIs.

from objective import Client

client = Client(api_key="sk_...")  # Insert your API key here

objects = []
        "id": "1",
        "object": {
            "title": "Sevendayz Men's Shady Records Eminem Hoodie Hoody Black Medium",
            "brand": "sevendayz",
            "imageURLHighRes": [


Building an Index

Build an index out of the Objects pushed to the API. This will create an Index and add all of the Objects in the Object Store to it, making them searchable.

index = client.indexes.create_index(
    index_type="multimodal", fields={
      "searchable": ["title", "brand"],
      "crawlable": ["imageURLHighRes"]

Querying results

from objective import Client
import json

client = Client(api_key="sk_...")
index = client.indexes.get_index(<<INSERT INDEX ID HERE>>)

results ="rapper hoodies", object_fields="*")
print(json.dumps(results, indent=4))

Learn more at these links:

  • managing data via the Object Store APIs
  • configuring indexes via the Index APIs
  • searching and filtering via the Search API

For help or to ask a question, email us: [email protected].